★ Cool Text ★。
Online text converter and wordpress plugin

Revolutionize your post text appearance to (1) 'cool αиđ αs єlєġєит αs тнίs (2) ๏г คร ςгคzץ คร tђเร (3) øř ëvëń åş ƒµńĸŷ åş łħïş!

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Cool Text Wordpress plugin (if you are looking for web based text converter Click Here)

Demo 1 (Elegant) | Demo 2 (Crazy) | Demo 3 (Funky) | Download

=== ★ Cool Text ★ ===
Contributors: Max Walders
Tags: plugin, posts, cool text
Requires at least: 2.8
Tested up to: 2.9.2
Stable tag: 1.0

Revolutionize your post text appearance to (1) cool αиđ αs єlєġєит αs тнίs (2) ๏г คร ςгคzץ คร tђเร (3) øř ëvëń åş ƒµńĸŷ åş łħïş!

== Description ==

Revolutionize your post text appearance! This plugin change you post text appearance into one of these (depending on which one you choose).

1. Elegant text (default). See how it looks like and demo here : http://osfvad.com/cool_text/elegant_text.htm
2. Crazy text. See how it looks like and demo here : http://osfvad.com/cool_text/crazy_text.htm
3. Funky text. See how it looks like and demo here : http://osfvad.com/cool_text/funky_text.htm

== Installation ==

1. Download the plugin and extract (unzip) its content
2. Upload the complete folder `cool_text` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
3. Login as admin, click ‘Plugins’ and activate the plugin

== Uninstall ==
1. Deactivate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
2. Delete the 'cool_text' folder at `/wp-content/plugins/` directory. Done!

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

Q : Demo please...
A : Go to 1. Elegant text : http://osfvad.com/cool_text/elegant_text.htm 2. Crazy text : http://osfvad.com/cool_text/crazy_text.htm 3. Funky text : http://osfvad.com/cool_text/funky_text.htm

Q : How to switch between elegent, crazy or funky text?
A : Take note that elegant text is the default. To change to crazy or funky, open wp-content\plugins\cool_text\cool_text.php, Search for "//Setting : Choose your text", and then look for $cooltextversion. If it is equals to 1, you are choosing elegant text. 2 for crazy text and 3 for funky text.

Q : Will search engines become blind when I use this?
A : No. As you can see, this plugin still publish your normal (the usual) post text (click 'View in normal text format'). This plugin duplicates the normal post text, change the text and publish it (which means your post is published twice, one in normal view and one in the 'cool' text format. By right search engines will not have problem crawling your website.

Q : Some of the converted texts don't appear properly.
A : I noticed this but let me stress to you that in all cases that I have encountered, there is no error in conversion. It is the theme that causes this problem which makes your browser unable to show them properly. Rest assured that this occurs only in small amount of themes. Solution is to change to other themes.

Q : I have my own text list and I want to share it with others. How can I help?
A : Send to my email at support .at. osfvad.com

Q : A small number of my friends / I don't see any of the texts / blank boxes / boxes with funny numbers on it.
A : That means your friends’ / your computer does not support UTF-8 text. Don't worry, it will appear as it should in most computers.

Q : If my friends can't read the text, is there any way they can read my posts?
A : Don't worry, they can always view the normal text version of your posts by clicking 'View in normal text format' button

Q : How can I support this plugin
A : You can link, write, blog about it etc. For default, we made an invisible link back in your website which wont affect you anything. If you want to turn in off, open wp-content\plugins\cool_text\cool_text.php , search for "//Settings : support this plugin" and put 0. If you are feeling generous, you can change to 2 which is visible link back.

Q : Why only blog posts are getting the cool text? How about comments, titles etc?
A : I'm currently figuring that out (look out for the next release). Actually it is harder than it seems. I really appreciate if there is anyone who can solve this coding. Do send me email if you find the solution.

Q : Is this plugin resource hungry?
A : I don't think so unless there is miscoding in your posts. I've tried many different crazy text-html combinations and seem fine until today. If there is any bug etc, uninstall the plugin, contact me and wait until I resolve the issue.

Q : Help, I suspect this plugin jam my server. How to remove this plugin if I cant access the main page of my blog?
A : Dont worry, you can still login as admin at (yourblogurl)/wp-login.php and deactivate the plugin

== Changelog ==

= 1.0 =
First release

Wordpress is a blog platform where you blog, make friends, stay connected with friends etc. The massive collection of plugins make social interaction more interesting. And for new music bands or artists, wordpress is a good place to promote your band or yourselves by giving free legal music for your fans to download or listen to. Whatever it is, good comments and a good comment box definitely important to you guys and Osfvad (also known as Daily Apps) provides a number of cool apps and plugins for you so that you can pimp out your blog! Get more cool apps from Osfvad! Check out our home page!